1971 was a quite an eventful year in human history. A country was born when two parts of its previous form had erupted into a civil war and it was called Bangladesh. And just like Bangladesh, another thing was also introduced. It was the Ford Pinto Recall.

It entered the automobile world with a silver spoon in its mouth, due to Fords established reputation. It proved itself quite capable as well as popular. Almost 400,000 of these cars were sold and this statistic was established in the 1st year alone. It dominated the entry-level import markets. Then, something happened. A technical risk was discovered and this could potentially cost a lot of things. The fuel tank would be pushed forward and become punctured, by an unprotected bolt in case of a rear end collision. Ford knew about this problem from the start but kept silent over this fatal flaw. The main reason behind them being quiet was, the fact the total amount of cost of manufacture would go up by $12, per car produced.

This silence ultimately proved to be fatal. Hundreds of lives were lost in fuel tank fire even though, only 27 cases were officially recorded. In order to save a couple millions of dollars, Ford ended paying Hundreds in fine instead, due to the civil suits that were filled against them. NHTSA collected about 1.5 million Pintos and, also the Mercury Bobcat which had a similar design. One of drop of an innocent soul is priceless and to compromise with life itself, is simply unforgivable. No amount fines would bring back the loss Ford caused by its monetizing schemes. However, two things were done and dusted. First, no person would be injured due to technical production risks and second, Ford paid for its crime by having its financial stability shaken to bits for a decade. No crime goes unpunished and Karma always makes sure of that fact!

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