What would be the most awkward and yet funny thing you can do to a non-Arabic speaking American citizen? The answer to this question is pretty simple, talk about how your new Porsche 9/11 is the bomb.com by referring it as 9/11 only and refer to its performance as it explodes. 9/11(pun intended) people would get nervous. However, that is literally what is happening to the automotive rival of Porsche, as just a couple of days ago, they released the fastest and coolest 9/11 that America could actually brag about!

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS is a high-performance super car which has a 700 hp twin turbo flat engine. Its weight is just less than 1.5 tons with its tank completely filled, this lightweight “bad boy” can accelerate from 0 to hundred km/h in less than 3 seconds but it only has 2 seats. The back wheel driving Coupé allows the 911 to go at almost three hundred forty km/h, and with the new technology of  Porsche,  911 blows by its three and a half litre older brother by at least 80hp and can achieve extra 750 Nm of torque, quite the improvement if you ask me.

The engine of the new 911 is built and improved on that of older one, which was the 3.8 liter  turbo S with 580hp.  To make it overall discharge great, giant turbo-chargers are used which blows  increased volumes of processed air into the engine’s  combustion chambers. With better cooling system, it delivers ideal cooling when the engine is at its maximum load and, at critical temperatures; water is sprayed at the change air cooler. Which allows the temperature of gas to fall in the high pressure area and makes that engine delivers the ideal power output, even under extreme conditions. Pretty neat right!

However, the main part about a super car that generates buzz is the fact, that it can go pretty darn fast, and the GT2 RS does not disappoint in that category. Due to its back axle steering and UHP tyres, it can reach high speeds and on top of that, due to the optional package of Weissach, the owner can eliminate 30 kg of weight from the already light weight vehicle. Due to the usage of extra lightweight titanium, the vehicle’s exhaust system is about 7 kg lighter than its predecessor. It also allows the user to reach that raw sound that a super car makes when accelerating and it’s not just your regular roar, the roar captures the raw emotion that a race car driver would feel when he is about to drive in a Formula-1 championship tournament.

The inner compartment of the GT2 RS is designed with red Alcantara, black leather and interior decorating parts are finished with carbon-weave just like the previous one. The steering wheel of GT2 RS enables quick gearshift paddles and sporty change of gear. Drivers can enjoy the thrilling driving experience of this outstanding super car to the point that, they won’t love another car anymore and the best part is that they do this in style, consisting of the classy black leather seats with finishing of carbon-weave.

All in all, it is probably the only 911 who’s “booming” sounds you’d be mesmerized at and as the saying goes, the car can go off with a “bang!”


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