For the aesthetics of it people love big wheels, it sure catches the eyes, some drivers would pay anything to change their wheels to something much bigger because fancy wheels are the jewellery of your car, they beautify and make them unique but sometimes we need to ask, is bigger really better? Is the performance of those bigger wheels the same as the others? Switching wheels and tire sizes to fit with your taste can turn out a beautiful risk. If you are getting new wheels and matching tires and the diameter is sort of bigger than it might create problems in the brakes and car suspension.

Firstly, the weight of the wheels might be too heavy to be held up by the springs that hold up the vehicle by their wheels. So at the end, your changes may leave you with more complications that may lead to an accident.

Secondly, the wheel size might give your car wrong signals about the car speed because your speedometer reads the speed of your car based on how fast the wheels are rotating. This can lead to over-speeding.

The best solution is to seek for professional advice we went with Revwerks Wheels Team as they were knowledgeable and able too assist us in making the correct decision, we will include a link below.

The below points might help you buy the right wheels

  • A good wheel shop would not leave the decision all to you, rather they will get the exact details of your car and they will give you the right tire and wheel combination. Emphasis is on “good” dealers because there are tons of fake wheel dealers out there. You see a lot of aesthetic wheels by lots of new companies who are just trying their luck with their manufacturing skills and then they end up producing cheap knock-offs.
  • While trying to save some bucks, it’s wise to keep away from buying extremely cheap products as these may just be China-made knock-offs. Although not all wheels made in China are fake, but there’s an overwhelming number of them in supply from China.
  • It is better to buy forged wheels instead of cast wheels as they are much stronger, lighter and more expensive (for a good reason).
  • There is also a need to stay away from spinner wheels if you are trying to play it safe. The spin is an illusional one and they come with extra materials that make up its decoration but add more weight to it which is a big no-no.


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