For the aesthetics of it people love big wheels, it sure catches the eyes, some drivers would pay anything to change their wheels to something much bigger because fancy wheels are the jewellery of your car, they beautify and make them unique but sometimes we need to ask, is bigger really better? Is the performance of those bigger wheels the same as the others? Switching wheels and tire sizes to fit with your taste can turn out a beautiful risk. If you are getting new wheels and matching tires and the diameter is sort of bigger than it might create problems in the brakes and car suspension. Firstly, the weight of the wheels might be too heavy to be held up by the springs that hold up the vehicle by their wheels. So at the end, your changes may leave you with more complications that may lead to an accident. Secondly, the wheel size might give your car wrong signals about the car speed because your speedometer reads the speed of your car based on how fast the wheels are rotating. This can lead to over-speeding. The best solution is to seek for professional advice we went with Revwerks Wheels Team as they were knowledgeable and able too assist us in making the correct decision, we will include a link below. The below points might help you buy the right wheels

  • A good wheel shop would not leave the decision all to you, rather they will get the exact details of your car and they will give you the right tire and wheel combination. Emphasis is on “good” dealers because there are tons of fake wheel dealers out there. You see a lot of aesthetic wheels by lots of new companies who are just trying their luck with their manufacturing skills and then they end up producing cheap knock-offs.
  • While trying to save some bucks, it’s wise to keep away from buying extremely cheap products as these may just be China-made knock-offs. Although not all wheels made in China are fake, but there’s an overwhelming number of them in supply from China.
  • It is better to buy forged wheels instead of cast wheels as they are much stronger, lighter and more expensive (for a good reason).
  • There is also a need to stay away from spinner wheels if you are trying to play it safe. The spin is an illusional one and they come with extra materials that make up its decoration but add more weight to it which is a big no-no.

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BMW Makes up for Last Coupe-cross over?

The BMW Series could be quite a delight to unravel, however, heads dropped in disappointment at the unleashing of the last bulbous Coupe-crossover, BMW 5 series Gran Turismo. First of all, the people considered it not-so-awesome from its design down to the driving experience which made many mouths curve downwards.  It wasn’t far long when the manufacturers had a rethink! This thought was designed in the appearance of the latest BMW 6 series Gran Turismo and if you listened hard enough, you would hear a big global exhalation. Mouths curved upwards again at the emergence of this new machine as a make up for the awkward 5 series GT. No, I’m not going to say the new BMW 6 series will break your neck at first glance, but surely it’s something you would be proud to take out to the road. The interior is lushly designed with comfy Nappa leather, smooth matte wood that gives an eclectic touch to its beauty and a unique wrapped and stitched dashboard. This small package of class neatly provides a cargo space of 31 cubic feet and a load floor 2 inches lower than the series five which is absolutely great for long road trips. If you happen to have extra loads than the cargo space can contain, you can easily use the automatic folding of the back seats in order for cargos space to be expanded. The infotainment make-up of this snug little ride is pretty engaging, the hi-tech finger command music control is some enjoyably smart, easy-to-use musical experience. The music blasts through a 16-speaker and functions to Apple Car play and idrive 6. The android crowd is sadly left out of this musical experience as it only works for Apple users. The BMW 6 series GT uses a 3.0 litre turbo-charged inline six cylinder, 332 pound-feet of torque and is offered as the 640i XDrive. If you need a car that can provide a smooth cruise for your long road trips and functions well in sport mode as well, the BMW 6 series GT should be your best choice.

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Kia is known to produce road efficient vehicles that seamlessly dominate the most challenging terrain. The compact SUV label has morphed over the years into one of the most trending vehicles for big names and moguls around the world. This is due to its aggressive look and defiant countenance. If you are a really powerful person you would want to step out of a KIA SUV at an event, this would further elevate and cement your presence. It is no news that the KIA compact SUV has had market credibility for years, the new 2017 sportage version further puts the brand on the pedestal with exclusive features such as a 4-cylinder engine, 240 horsepower, 6-speed automatic transmission. As far as interior is concerned, you might be excited to view its latest smart phone synchronization system, safety features such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure and impact alert and automated emergency braking.


One of the first things you notice about the Kia sportage while on the driver’s seat is the ease of navigation, the immediate response of all components and its powerful speed capabilities. Another most relevant observation is that you tend to worry less about speed bumps, potholes, uneven landscapes, and slippery roads. There is this immunity you possess to the environmental challenges when you are inside the KIA sportage

To say that the sportage lives up to its name would be a watered down expression. Its silent engine sneaks up on you.  It has a road rating of 20/26 mpg city and highway for FWD and 20/23 mpg for AWD.

Buyers and collector would be pleased with this version of KIA as it offers more than adequate safety features along with improved interior infotainment technology, its elegance and off road abilities.


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The more explosive 9/11

What would be the most awkward and yet funny thing you can do to a non-Arabic speaking American citizen? The answer to this question is pretty simple, talk about how your new Porsche 9/11 is the by referring it as 9/11 only and refer to its performance as it explodes. 9/11(pun intended) people would get nervous. However, that is literally what is happening to the automotive rival of Porsche, as just a couple of days ago, they released the fastest and coolest 9/11 that America could actually brag about!

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS is a high-performance super car which has a 700 hp twin turbo flat engine. Its weight is just less than 1.5 tons with its tank completely filled, this lightweight “bad boy” can accelerate from 0 to hundred km/h in less than 3 seconds but it only has 2 seats. The back wheel driving Coupé allows the 911 to go at almost three hundred forty km/h, and with the new technology of  Porsche,  911 blows by its three and a half litre older brother by at least 80hp and can achieve extra 750 Nm of torque, quite the improvement if you ask me.

The engine of the new 911 is built and improved on that of older one, which was the 3.8 liter  turbo S with 580hp.  To make it overall discharge great, giant turbo-chargers are used which blows  increased volumes of processed air into the engine’s  combustion chambers. With better cooling system, it delivers ideal cooling when the engine is at its maximum load and, at critical temperatures; water is sprayed at the change air cooler. Which allows the temperature of gas to fall in the high pressure area and makes that engine delivers the ideal power output, even under extreme conditions. Pretty neat right!

However, the main part about a super car that generates buzz is the fact, that it can go pretty darn fast, and the GT2 RS does not disappoint in that category. Due to its back axle steering and UHP tyres, it can reach high speeds and on top of that, due to the optional package of Weissach, the owner can eliminate 30 kg of weight from the already light weight vehicle. Due to the usage of extra lightweight titanium, the vehicle’s exhaust system is about 7 kg lighter than its predecessor. It also allows the user to reach that raw sound that a super car makes when accelerating and it’s not just your regular roar, the roar captures the raw emotion that a race car driver would feel when he is about to drive in a Formula-1 championship tournament.

The inner compartment of the GT2 RS is designed with red Alcantara, black leather and interior decorating parts are finished with carbon-weave just like the previous one. The steering wheel of GT2 RS enables quick gearshift paddles and sporty change of gear. Drivers can enjoy the thrilling driving experience of this outstanding super car to the point that, they won’t love another car anymore and the best part is that they do this in style, consisting of the classy black leather seats with finishing of carbon-weave.

All in all, it is probably the only 911 who’s “booming” sounds you’d be mesmerized at and as the saying goes, the car can go off with a “bang!”


By Sam Bottoroff, ago