The BMW Series could be quite a delight to unravel, however, heads dropped in disappointment at the unleashing of the last bulbous Coupe-crossover, BMW 5 series Gran Turismo. First of all, the people considered it not-so-awesome from its design down to the driving experience which made many mouths curve downwards.  It wasn’t far long when the manufacturers had a rethink! This thought was designed in the appearance of the latest BMW 6 series Gran Turismo and if you listened hard enough, you would hear a big global exhalation. Mouths curved upwards again at the emergence of this new machine as a make up for the awkward 5 series GT.

No, I’m not going to say the new BMW 6 series will break your neck at first glance, but surely it’s something you would be proud to take out to the road. The interior is lushly designed with comfy Nappa leather, smooth matte wood that gives an eclectic touch to its beauty and a unique wrapped and stitched dashboard.

This small package of class neatly provides a cargo space of 31 cubic feet and a load floor 2 inches lower than the series five which is absolutely great for long road trips. If you happen to have extra loads than the cargo space can contain, you can easily use the automatic folding of the back seats in order for cargos space to be expanded.

The infotainment make-up of this snug little ride is pretty engaging, the hi-tech finger command music control is some enjoyably smart, easy-to-use musical experience. The music blasts through a 16-speaker and functions to Apple Car play and idrive 6. The android crowd is sadly left out of this musical experience as it only works for Apple users.

The BMW 6 series GT uses a 3.0 litre turbo-charged inline six cylinder, 332 pound-feet of torque and is offered as the 640i XDrive. If you need a car that can provide a smooth cruise for your long road trips and functions well in sport mode as well, the BMW 6 series GT should be your best choice.

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